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After 12 years of being a leader in the hospitality design industry Tanya Krpan created TKDC, an interior design company that focuses on hospitality and residential design. We celebrate the opportunity design gives us to listen to our client’s needs, and then to translate those ideas into a unique and beautiful design. A well designed space should elevate those within it, seamlessly connecting aesthetics with functionality. Following this idea, TKDC is committed to working with clients to develop a timeless project that enhances their experience, and that fully meets the client’s goals down to the smallest detail. Tanya Krpan brings over a decade of extensive industry experience, making certain that your design is completed with integrity, passion, and the highest of design standards.


Please take a look at our Design Services page for a full listing of our services, including both Full-Service Design and E-Design.


Tanya Krpan has always been fascinated by interior design. When she was a child her home was often filled with architectural designs, with rolls of building plans and drawings scattered across the family's table. Tanya was inescapably drawn to them; intrigued, she would sit down and pretend to draw her own, emulating what she saw before her. As she grew up her passion for design grew, compelling her to take Art History courses at Capilano College, and then to graduate from the Interior Design program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


After graduation, Tanya had the opportunity to work as Design Director at Earls Kitchen + Bar, a premium, casual restaurant chain. During her extensive work experience at Earls, she gained invaluable knowledge of hospitality design - this extensive experience aided her as she began working on residential projects as well. She became interested in the expressive individuality of Residential Design after designing her first home with her husband, Jure Krpan who owns Dakota Homes, a custom home building company.


In 2016, after 12 years of creating new builds and renovations on hospitality locations around Canada and the U.S., Tanya Krpan decided to start her own Company – and so, TKDC was born. 

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